About Us

Alla Breve For the Arts is proud to introduce its new division, Alla Breve Books.

Alla Breve Books supports independent authors who dare to step to the forefront of the revolution for artistic independence. No longer content to send manuscripts to legacy publishing houses whose only concern is their bottom line, we review books that are well written, thought-provoking, and individualistic. Following the lead of such notables as the Bloomsbury Group and other independent literaries who dared to think outside the box, we want to bring great books to the world.

Being independent allows authors to create books that not only sell, but also to write according to their own dictates, not turn out only that which the business graduates who populate the publishing houses deem to be marketable.

If authors write books that only a select group of publishers want, then the voice of people the world over becomes standardized and scripted, a current dangerous trend.

"It is unreasonable what some assert, 'That printers aught not to print anything but what they approve,' since if all of that business should make such a resolution, and abide by it, an end would thereby be put to free writing, and the world would afterwards have nothing to read but what happened to be the opinions of printers." Benjamin Franklin

We at Alla Breve believe the arts come first and, with financial support for the Arts dwindling from both the government and the private sectors, it's our intent to support books from many genres that the corporatized publishers will not touch.

Please check out not only our titles, but those we proudly endorse.