What Does a Media Kit Include?

A professional looking media kit is a critical marketing tool to sell your book. Without one, it is very difficult to get the notice it deserves. A good media kit will include the following:
  • Press Release: This is sent to the media to announce book releases, book signings, and favorable book reviews.

  • Title Information: This sheet includes all of your book's information, including ISBN numbers, description, a brief author bio, and contact information/web addresses.

  • Author Bio: This tells the media what they need to know about you, including your credentials and your other titles, if applicable.

  • Author Interview: This is optional, but it helps the journalist to know how to write about you, and gives them quotes they can use in their article. It may also spur other questions that they may like to ask you. Alla Breve Books will interview you for the purposes of your press kit.

  • Front Matter and First Chapter

  • Book Cover

  • Sell Sheet: This is one-page flyer that provides all the details about your book in an attractive layout. It is used to sell or promote your book to retailers, wholesalers, and consumers.

  • Author Photos: Most journalists appreciate two professional quality photographs, a head shot ad a full shot.
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