With A Dream by SK Waller Now Available for Purchase

Spanning the musically innovative years between 1966 and 1991, the Beyond The Bridge trilogy follows the lives of a group of colorful, diverse characters who are inextricably linked through music and fame, most notably, brilliant British guitar icon, Gordon Hammond.

Weaving her characters’ lives amongst those of actual legendary personalities, SK Waller takes the reader on a magic carpet ride through the most creative and revolutionary decades the musical world has ever known.

Book One, With A Dream, begins in 1966 in Swinging London at the height of the British Invasion. A young, rather naive Gordon forms a band called Tuppence and, due to his genius as a visionary songwriter and the group’s innovative sound, they skyrocket to the top of the charts. When Gordon meets supermodel, Felicity, his entire life changes as he begins to learn that “fame and fortune” and the forfeit it demands, is no respecter of persons.

With A Dream is now available for purchase at these locations:

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