Summer 2011 Update

Everywhere I look, someone is writing. This is especially true here at Alla Breve Books, where two new books are nearing their completion and publishing.

Lynette Erwin has finished her sequel to So Faithful A Heart: The Love Story of Nancy Storace and Wolfgang Mozart. It is aptly titled So Faithful A Heart: When Love Won't Die. Ms. Erwin has her hands full, not only with it, but also with rewrites of the first book. When both are ready, they will be published together in a single special-edition volume.

Also slated for publishing is With A Bullet, the second book of SK Waller's Rock and Roll trilogy, Beyond The Bridge. Book One, With A Dream was published last February. Book Two will be published sometime this autumn and Book Three will follow in 2014.

Other projects are in the works, including the introduction of a new author, so check this site, or "Like" us on Facebook to keep in step with all that's new!